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Within our school you will find a prepared environment which has been created in order to meet the developmental needs of each child. It is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that the classroom is a place of comfort and interest to each child. The primary years for the children up to the age of 6 are very important and the mind is said to be “absorbent” according to Dr. Maria Montessori. From the ages of two years to six years, the child is very sensitive to stimuli. Montessori provides a stimulating environment for the child, which will in turn help with the development that each child goes through. Montessori teaches the child discipline in addition to academics and socializing. Montessori has proven to be an aid in child development, as the child excels in school and the child has more chances of going to university. The setting of the Montessori is vital, as it involves a natural environment and each child is given the opportunity to learn whatever they are able to.


Zebra Crossing Montessori is a very diverse environment that provides an authentic Montessori program whereby each child is in an environment for learning independently in their natural surroundings and gains confidence from that. Early childhood years are vital to children and provide the basis for learning in the years to come. We will encourage each child to reach their full potential and challenge them along the way.


  • To provide an environment that is caring, nurturing, and stimulating for each individual child.
  • To promote independence, maturity, confidence, and a love for learning within each child.
  • To build self esteem is paramount, act independently and responsibly.
  • Using the Montessori method, ensure that each child is learning at their own pace  as each child is unique
  • To encourage each child to reach their full potential by working individually and as a team and have the ability to make good decisions.
  •  To strive for parents and teachers to work together in order to have each child succeed and ensure that each experience is a beneficial one.
  • To support each child in feeling that Zebra Crossing Montessori is a place where they can achieve success and grow and not have fear to share and express their feelings.
  • To ensure that our school provides the foundation for lifelong learning and is a stepping stone which each child will carry with them in every aspect of their life.



Children are curious beings and when given the opportunity to explore, they will challenge themselves in order to achieve success. We will provide the child with a firm academic foundation to get them ready for the next phase in their life.


"Our care of the children should be governed not by the desire to 'make them learn things', but by the endeavour always to keep burning within them the light which is called intelligence."

- Maria Montessori